Participants in the Think Session  (from left-right in photo above)

John Newton (Moderator) – Author ‘The Oldest Foods on Earth‘,  A History of

Australian Native Foods 

Neville Bonney – Native plant expert, ethnobotanist and author of books

including ‘Jewel of the Australian desert: native peach (Quandong)’

Pam Sando – President of Slow Food South Australia 

Ron Newchurch – Director and General Manager of Nunga Produce

Amanda Garner  – chair of the Australian Native Foods Industry Limited (ANFIL)

This was an exciting opportunity for the Slow Food Movement in South Australia. It enabled us to talk about the Ark of Taste products especially in relation to the native products that have been accepted and also nominated.

The panel discussed some of the challenges in trying to increase the awareness of native foods and also consider what are the barriers to their production and usage. It was decided that there are many people who have no idea of what some of the foods taste like or how to prepare them so there is a big gap out there for us to fill.  One of the most important issues in John Newton’s words is that Indigenous peoples and other Australians  have to “walk together” in our attempts to grow these foods and grow the interest in some very exciting additions to a truly unique Australian food culture.

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  • amorelle

    says on:
    May 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Dear Pam, Congratulations on representing Slow food at Tasting australia. What a coup! Love to get some feedback with regards to the points made by the panelist and it may inform our ark of taste project. Look forward to receiving this and is it possible to get a link to put onto our website. amorelle

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